TS 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute

Telangana SCERT TS 10th Class English Guide Pdf Unit 4C A Tribute Textbook Questions and Answers.

TS 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute


I. Answer the following questions briefly.

Question 1.
Have you ever seen any of the films in which Savitri acted? List them. Which of them do you like most?
I have seen many of the films of Savitri. Missamma, Maya Bazar, Devatha, Gundamma Katha are some of the films I have seen. I like Missamma the most.

Question 2.
Savitri’s qualities and her acting have been mentioned in the tribute. Which of Savitri’s qualities fascinate you most?
Savitri was blessed with natural charm and magnificent acting. Her expressive eyes were able to convey a wide range of feelings. Her mischievous look captivates anyone. Her look of fake anger provokes, the look filled with real anger pierces the heart. The look of passion waiting for her lover, the pain filled look when her love fails, the confident look that seems ready to face any situation and myriad emotions are hidden in her eyes. She was a humane artiste. She was generous to the people who were in need. I like her humane quality most.

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute

Question 3.
Why was Savitri taken away from her main role in the film, ‘Samsaaram’?
In 1950 the noted director L.V.Prasad offered the role of a heroine in the film ’Samsaram’. On the sets, she was nervous, she had to repeat many takes and this proved a setback for her. So, the role was given to someone else.

Question 4.
How do you think Savitri was able to strike back after she was replaced from the main role in ‘Samsaaram’?
Though, Savitri was replaced from the main role in ’Samsaaram1, she was able to strike back by acting the leading role in the film, ’Devadasu’ in 1953. Savitri, in the role of young Parvathi with curly hair, a lock of hair straying to her forehead, the large round black berry eyes looking out from an innocent face left an indelible imprint in the minds of all cine lovers. She left her mark in this evergreen Telugu classic. She established her credentials with ’Ardhangi’ in 1955.

Question 5.
The purpose of the tribute is …(choose the appropriate answer)
a) to sympathize with Savitri
b) to admire Savitri’s acting and her abilities.
c) to understand Savitri’s acting and qualities
d) to express different opinions about Savitri
to admire Savitri’s acting and her abilities.

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute

Project Work:

Collect the information about the people who are involved in making a film. Fill the details in the following table :

Name of the film:

TS 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute 1


Area Name of the person Role
1. Direction K. S. Ravi Kumar Giving the abstract story a concrete nature
2. Production Venu Ravichandran Meeting the expenditure required.
3. Story/script Kamal Hassan & Sujatha Rangarajan Preparing the story and the dialogues.
4. Music Himesh Reshammiya (Songs)&Devi Sri Prasad (Background) Adding the essential component. Adding effects to the frames.
5. Cinematography Ravi Varman Absorbing the scenes in a camera
6. Costumes Gautham Creating the genuineness for time and characters.
7. Fights David Anthony Planning and sequencing the patterns and movements.
8. Make up Raliskhan & Michael Mosher Making the genuineness for the appearance of the character.
9. Publicity Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd (India) Ayngaran International (Europe) Walt Disney Pictures (Canada) Narmadha Travels(United States) Making the people aware of the film.
10. Acting Kamal Haasan, Asin, Mallika Sherawat, Jayaprada, Napoleon, Nagesh People who give life to the characters and make them live in front of the audience.

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute

Write a report about the people from the above list and their contribution for the success of the movie by giving relevant examples to substantiate your opinion. Present the report to the class.
The story of the movie ‘Dasavathaaram’, deals with the story of a research scientist, who is in pursuit of a biological weapon of mass destruction. His biggest challenge is to save it from falling into the hands of an ex-CIA officer, who wants it for evil purposes. And the struggles and all end well.

It was initially the idea of the lead actor Mr. Kamal Hasssan, which was developed into a complete script along with Sujatha Rangarajan. Thus the main part of the story script and screenplay were made ready. Mr. K S Ravikumar, a leading Tamil Director, has agreed to make the abstract contents in the script live, with his creative and imaginative skills.

The story, which was spread across centuries and generations, different cultures and covering very many social issues, required a huge amount of money and it was agreed by Mr. Venu Ravichandran to take care of the financial expenditures required for the shooting, remunerations and all – thus producing the film. The charecters being finalized, the leads were fixed, which includes an array of master actors, like Kamal Haasan, Asin, Mallika Sherawat, Jayaprada, Napoleon, Nagesh, Etc.

Songs are a very important component, which could easily deal with some quick sequences and high voltage emotional spans, which were done by Mr. Himesh Reshammiya, where as Mr. Devi Sri Prasad, a popular Musician from Andhra Pradesh, gave the background scores to add to the effect of the scenes.
The movie has Mr. Kamal Hassan in ten different roles, with unique and different features.

Ralis Khan & Michael Mosher had to put great effort and skill in makeup, to make the characters come out with great perfection. As the time span of the movie was stretched from 12th Century to 21st Century, Gauthami had a tough task in making the costumes, for sure. But was done excellently. David Anthony had done an amazing work with his team, in making the fights so live and vivid.

The toughest amongst all these would have been that of Mr. Ravi Varman, who was behind the Camera, in making it sure that each and every frame with all the pomp and glory, so that it could be a visual feat for the audience.

Post the production, the publicity department takes care of the distribution and publicity, so that the film is ready to be brought to the movie halls.

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute

Self Assessment:

How well have I understood this unit?
Read and tick (✓) in the appropriate box.

TS 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute 2

TS 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute 3

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute


TS 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute 4

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute

A Tribute Summary in English

On the occasion of Indian film industrys completing a hundred years in the year 2013, the Indian film industry recollected our favourite films, producers, directors, actors, and music and art directors. Our Telugu audience is also proud of many great producers, directors and artistes. Savitri is one such prestigious artiste.

Savitri had a little difficulty in entering the film field. When she was twelve, she was offered a role in the film, Agnipareeksha, but was finally dropped as she looked too young for the role. She was given a song sequence in ‘Pathala Bhairavi’. The effect of her performance was considerable and her expressions were beautiful. As a result, she was elevated to the role of a heroine by the noted director L.V.Prasad in the film ‘Samsaaram’ (1950). As she was nervous on the sets, the role was given to someone else and she was given a small role of less important.

In the film ‘Devadasu’ in 1953, Parvathi comes alive in Savithri. She portrayed Devada’s love and the role of a rich man’s wife marvellously. In the film Ardhangi in 1955, she gave a brilliant performance as a woman forced to marry an innocent person(ANR). She nurses him back to health. She also teaches a lesson to her mother-in-law who conspires against her husband. Her talent was in full form in ‘Missamma’, a hit comedy that established Savitri’s place firmly as a star.

Savitri was adored for the matchless ease in expression. Meena Kumari, the Heroine of Hindi films said that she usually got doubts about her own acting when she watched Savitri’s acting, ” Amitabh Bacchan felt that, “Savitri was one of the first actresses with unbelievable spontaneity”. Maya Bazar is another film that brought fame to Savitri. She played the role of Sasirekha, recollecting the 16-annas Telugu lass clad in parikini.

Savitri gets totally involved in whatever role she plays. “Chivaraku migiledi” is one such film. She played the role of a nurse in a psychiatry ward. The film became a milestone in her career. Savitri was awarded the title “Mahanati”. She also received the presidential award for her performance in “Chivaraku Migiledi”. She was the recipient of ‘Kalaimamani and Nadigayar Tilakam’ from Tamil film industry. She had nearly 300 films to her credit. She acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films.

Savitri was a humane artiste. She was generous to the people who were in need. Once, she donated all the jewellery she was wearing to the Prime Minister’s fund. She left the world in 1981. Savitri is no more. But she is among us with her unforgettable roles.

TS Board 10th Class English Guide Unit 4C A Tribute


magnum opus (n) = the greatest work;
16-annas Telugu lass(idiom) = a perfect Telugu girl;
Lion’s share (idiom) = major portion;
Zenith (n) = peak;
prestigious = having respect and admiration;
evinced = showed;
considerable = great in amount;
potential = the range of capabilities that someone has;
portrayed = showed in a picture by acting;
credentials = achievements;
conspire = to make secret plans to do harm;
magnificent = splendid, remarkable;
myriad = an extremely large number;
yesteryears = the recent past;

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